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Responsive, Sensitive Health Care-Throughout the Stages of Life

At Patel & Patel, MD, Inc., we are committed to serving your physical, emotional needs as a woman throughout your life from adolescence through adulthood with the finest health care available. 

As a child enters adulthood, it is vitality important for him/her to learn about their body and how best to care for it.  At Patel & Patel, MD, Inc., we take the time necessary to gain an adolescents trust and to provide the information he/she needs.  No matter what the age, we are sensitive to their concerns. 

Our obstetric & gynecology physician and assistants help address a woman's concerns about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and family planning when they become sexually active. 

For the expectant mother they provide counseling prior to conception to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby.  We are well equipped for both normal and certain high risk obstetrics.  Patel & Patel, MD, Inc. also have two certified ultrasonographers on staff to provide ultrasounds directly in our office.  In addition, our staff treats postpartum depression.  Throughout pregnancy and after delivery, we help make childbirth and motherhood easier.  We also provide counseling and treatment for infertility. 

Patel & Patel, MD, Inc. is skilled in the latest treatment of problems such as menstrual disorders, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome and abnormal pap smears.  Dr. Kiran Patel is advanced in gynecological surgery which is usually performed on an outpatient basis.  Throughout a woman's life, we offer the best in gynecological care.  As a woman moves through menopause, Patel & Patel, MD, Inc. remains committed to her emotional well-being, as well as her physical health.  Our staff takes the time to answer her questions and assist the mature woman in continuing her healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. 

For your Family Medicine needs Dr. Leela Patel is dedicated to building genuine, lasting relationships with our patients. And, we are committed to providing you with the exceptional care you deserve. To us that’s what family medicine is all about: nurturing relationships with our patients, their families and with our community.  We offer many services in-house, such as lab services and ultrasounds; we are continually looking for ways to make your healthcare experience more convenient and to provide as many services in one location as possible.

Our Mission

The physicians & staff of Patel & Patel, MD, Inc. are partners in enhancing women's health and family health.  We have provided the highest quality and comprehensive healthcare to each of our patients.  Our commitment to excellence is focused on the needs of each patient throughout all stages of life.  We are proud to provide these services in a comfortable and caring environment. 

Your Partners in Good Health

Your healthcare is a partnership, and you play a key role in the partnership.  It is important you feel free to ask questions, and that you bring any symptoms you might have to our attention.  In addition, we ask you take an active part in leading a healthy lifestyle, including appropriate self-examinations, exercise, and proper eating habits.